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Riffs & Routines London Edition 2023

Riffs & Routines London Edition 2023

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14 -15 OCTOBER 2023

Evelyn  Grace Academy, 255 Shakespeare Road, London SE240QN

Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training.

Trainers during this weekend: Mariska & Brian.


This is where you will definitely learn, how to go from clunky to funky!

  • Two-day seminar, total of 10-12 hours of training & interaction.
  • Exercises from the Second Form of the Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training system
  • Focus on Total Body Coherence
  • Choose Your Move Section (related & non-related to the seminar topics)
  • FAQ on safe skilldevelopment & injuryprevention.
  • Video summary included (for all attendants freely available as download, after the seminar!)

Saturday & Sunday

  • 12.00h Roll-In
  • 13.00h Training
  • 17.00h Summary / Questions / Roll-Out 
  • 18.00h End

Entry level: basic roller skating experience, at least 3 months (on a weekly basis).

* Prices are based on the Euro-BP conversion rate per date August 1, 2023.

Working on technique & fluency and understanding what to do, what not to do and why, takes a lot of time and effort. Exploring your range of motion, expanding it, building up mental and physical strength, while maintaining flexibility and understanding  your limitations , is not only a fun and beautiful journey; it is also the way to cultivate healthy and injury free longevity and prolong your rollgevity.

In this seminar, we will bring you effective riffs as building blocks, to add to your own repertoire of movements, so you can efficiently grow your flow.

Need some flow? Well, don't worry, roll happy & come and get some, baby!

NOTE: Refund is NOT possible if you can't make it! You CAN however transfer your ticket to another person, but please do notify us!

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