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Alternative Triangle Steppin' FREE DOWNLOAD

Alternative Triangle Steppin' FREE DOWNLOAD

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An alternative version of the Triangle Steppin' pattern.

During the winter full lockdown of the year 2020 -due to the pandemic - The Es Quint Foundation reached out to its community members with several actions to motivate, inspire and instigate to keep up the good spirits and make the healthy choices in life.

One of those actions was providing snippets, so people could continue to have some form of training both on and off-wheels in the comfort of their own surroundings.

Not everyone has the possibilities of a roller skating rink, a parking garage or a living room big and safe enough to bust a move.

But keeping physical stamina and mental clearity on a respectable and productive level isn't easy, especially when experiencing dark times, be it globally, socially or personally.

Enjoy this free download and stay strong & funky!

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