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Swing Out Basic Form Sample Snippet

Swing Out Basic Form Sample Snippet

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The Swing Out is a prime example of why it`s not a good idea at all, to neglect proper form.

When done correctly, it is one heck of funky roller skate move, that holds interesting techniques, excellent for roller skating skills in general for all kinds of disciplines, such as street skating and roller derby.

However, when this technique is misunderstood - which is unfortunately often the case - poor form will eventually result in messed up knees.

What is - since recent (social media) times - widely known as something refered to as c-stepping, is basically a very poorly executed Swing Out technique  and one can only wonder, how many knees are suffering from that or already damaged beyond repair, at this very moment.

If you want to make sure, your knees stay out of those statistics, then focus on proper form and learn the difference and consequences of incorrect technique!

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