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Turbulence Riff

Turbulence Riff

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Episode: Turbulence Riff.
English spoken.
Duration 08.49 minutes
For all levels.

Narrated by Brian aka Bfunkphenomenon, from the Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training system.

The Turbulence sequence is a drilling exercise focused on regaining posture and balance, after situations that bring your body in the strangest of positions, due to sudden balance disturbance. This riff is about controlling your centerline and adapting to circumstances.
You're trying to figure out a cool (dance) move or you're just rolling and cruising down the street and a car cuts you off, or a dog is chasing you, or one of the kingpins of your roller skate plates breaks off in high speed; nothing in the world can bring you in panic or turmoil, because with extensive practice of The Turbulence under your belt, you are cooler than a polar bear at all times!
With amazingly effective conditioned reflexes you will know how to handle yourself and keep your centerline steady and upright.
Now, go on with your funky badselves and cause some mighty Turbulence yourselves!

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