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Mariska Weimar

Workbook Fear Factor 0.0 (English version)

Workbook Fear Factor 0.0 (English version)

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 Fear Factor 0.0 

Transforming your fear into flow 

A unique online dive into your subconscious to discover what stops you from rolling relaxed and some tools to help you with the proces of transforming those limitation(s) 

When is this for you? 

  • If you find it too exciting to participate in a regular training.........but you would love to try it.
  • If you already rollerskate, but you have had a hard fall, for example, which made you anxious.
  • If you are not completely relaxed while you are rolling.

The focus is on the way you look at your fear and the meaning it has for you (= how you have framed it). The excercises in this workbook will help you become conscious of the subconscious programs you have concerning rollerskating. 

This workbook, together with the workbook Balance Coaching*, will provide you with an oppurtunity to build on a solid base for your rollerskate practice. We believe that if you work on your fears in one area of your life, the results will benefit other areas too. 

Do not hesistate to send us an e-mail if you have any questions. 

The WorkBook Balance Coaching is a free download and will be available at the check out!


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